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The Best Place to Buy Concert Tickets

There are many online places to buy tickets, but we will concentrate on three key ticketing websites: Ticketmaster and Vivid Seats. We will look at which has the lowest prices for tickets for your favorite shows. Each of the companies has their particular advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to conduct your research before making your final decision. Ticketmaster was established in 1984, as part of Live Nation Entertainment. This entertainment company is among the largest. However, we are not happy regarding the pricing strategy employed by Ticketmaster.


If you’re in search of the best site to purchase tickets for events, StubHub is definitely worth looking into. The platform offers a system that maps out seats for large events. It allows you to choose between general admission or select seating and you can include any additional attributes that the tickets offer when you own tickets that include them. After buying a ticket customers can sign in to StubHub to look up the tickets they purchased and make changes.

The site has a strong reputation as a trustworthy site, but you should still be aware that there are some limitations. While StubHub is an authorized ticket seller however, you might have wait for customer service to respond to your questions. It isn’t possible to guarantee that your tickets are authentic, or whether they’ll be delivered in time. If you’re looking for a refund, the site offers a reasonable return policy.

StubHub is known for providing premium tickets for live concerts as well as other occasions. Purchasing tickets on StubHub will mean you’ll get them for less than the price listed on the ticket. It could be more expensive dependent on the type of occasion. StubHub is the best method to buy tickets. Coupon codes and coupons are a great method to cut down on the cost of tickets. The site allows you to examine prices from different ticket companies. You may also search for tickets from other online resellers if you can’t find what you require.

One way to stay clear of fraud is to purchase tickets from other ticket dealers. There are numerous websites that offer tickets for sale. But, StubHub is the best. You can safeguard yourself by watching for ticket advertisements. The purchase of tickets through StubHub guarantees you’ll get them on time and that they’re valid for entry. You will be refunded for your tickets if the event is cancelled. The site doesn’t contact sellers directly, but they do pay them.


A lot of people aren’t sure the question of whether Ticketmaster is the best option to purchase tickets to a concert or not. There are plenty of other options that are available for tickets to concerts online. For example, VividSeats is a popular alternative and is a suitable option for those not content with the concert or the ticket price. It prides itself on its credibility and security along with its affordable costs. Furthermore, it offers a money-back guarantee to those who aren’t sure if they are worthy of the cost.

If you are using an automated system for your phone contact the system several times prior to the event begins. If you’re not successful attempt calling several times before the event even begins. Utilizing multiple devices can increase the likelihood of you getting your tickets of choice. Logging in to multiple devices should be completed at minimum 20 minutes before the time of sale. You may also be able to login using an email account. You can refresh the queue until you’re in the queue.

There are times when fans could be lured into buying tickets from a website that is not affiliated with the venue. While a white-label site may contain pictures and a seating chart the site is actually managed by a reseller. Tickets may cost more than the cost of the tickets. If you purchase directly from the venue, it is typically a better bargain. It allows you to attend the event without having to pay high cost tickets.

Ticketmaster is a reputable reseller of tickets for over 25 years. If an event is canceled or changed, you’ll receive a full refund. Refunds can take anywhere from seven to ten business days. Hidden charges are typical with ticket firms and you should take note of the fine print. Ticketmaster is charged a service cost that could be as high as 30%.


There are many benefits to buying tickets from TicketNetwork. In addition to its vast ticket database, it offers an extensive selection of tickets and a variety of services. Users can also sell tickets they do not want, and earn a commission of 10 percent when selling tickets, and select to pay in cash or in the form of. This secondary market company doesn’t sell your personal information or give your personal information to third-party companies. The only drawback is that you might pay a higher price for a single ticket than what competitors charge.

TicketNetwork also provides a money-back guarantee. The website is secured by a McAfee and PCI-compliant website, which reassures users that they purchase from a trustworthy business. The purchase process at TicketNetwork is easy procedure, thanks to its simple user interface and search features. Just type in the name of the artist, team, or the venue to make your search more specific.

If you’re unsure whether TicketNetwork is a legitimate service, you can read their reviews. Both employees and management say that the service provided by the company is trustworthy. Although tickets won’t be shipped in a timely manner, the website states that they will be delivered plenty of time for the event. TicketNetwork also has a section on their website, titled Terms & Policy in which you will find detailed information about the site’s policies. By reading carefully the site’s Terms & Policies, you’ll be able to be sure that you’re purchasing tickets authentic.

TicketNetwork is an online trading platform, has been operating for more than 20 years. It is a useful platform for both customers and ticket sellers. It sells tickets for any kind of event, including concerts and sporting events. TicketNetwork, Inc., a company which develops software to manage ticket sales, owns the TicketNetwork. It works with ticketing companies of all sizes and also sells tickets.

Vivid Seats

When it comes to purchasing tickets, there are few alternatives to Vivid Seats. Vivid Seats handles more than $1 billion in ticket sales and has a track record of excellent customer service and is the best ticket purchase site online. They also have a rewards program that rewards customers who buy regularly. There is no need to buy printed tickets. They also have an app for mobile devices.

When you buy something at Vivid Seats, be sure to look over the shipping costs. Costs for shipping can vary based the method you select. However, you’ll know precisely what you’ll pay prior to making your payment. After you’ve bought your tickets, you’ll receive an email with confirmation as well as a tracking number. The only downside of Vivid Seats is the absence of customer service, which can be unreliable. If an event has to be canceled and you’re not able to attend, you’ll receive a full refund. Vivid Seats will send you a UPS shipping label so that your order is delivered securely and safe.

You can locate tickets for every event, which includes tickets to sporting events as well as concerts. To assist you in making an informed choice, narrow your search based on cost and location. In addition is that Vivid Seats allows you to buy tickets for events that are only once in a while, too. Be sure to review the details of each event as tickets may be counterfeit.

Vivid Seats is secure and mobile-friendly. Vivid Seats provides buyers with a guarantee and a rewards program. Additionally, you can avail Rewards programs and partnership with Rolling Stone or ESPN. All of this gives credibility to Vivid Seats. Vivid Seats has an excellent reputation and has more than $1 billion of turnover. The company is a reliable spot to purchase tickets to a theatre since they provide the largest selection of seats for sale at a reasonable price.


With ScoreBig users can select the price they would like to pay and even the seat they want. You can choose the seat you like when bidding. You can also determine how likely you are to secure your seats. It’s simple to navigate and has no delivery, convenience, or hidden fees. In addition, you can buy tickets to any event that you want to attend, including sporting and concert events.

The company has raised $14M through Series B financing, and $22.5M in total since 2009. The investors include the daughter of Sumner Redstone, the founder of the Redstone family. As of this writing, ScoreBig has 600,000 tickets available for 2,000 events. It is in its beta stage and invite-only however, it is planning to increase its market share and membership. In the mean time the company has secured its place in the market and will be capable of offering its customers the chance to experience the best of the internet.

Selling tickets is simple. If you’re selling tickets then you can sign-up for an account on the website and offer them to buyers. It’s free to sign up and they’ll verify their authenticity before you purchase the tickets. SeatGeek allows you to offer to buy tickets in the event that you aren’t content with their prices. Enter your preferred price in the search box.

ScoreBig offers a secondary marketplace with tickets at only a fraction of the cost of TicketNetwork. Contrary to ScoreBig, the primary marketplace of TicketNetwork cannot guarantee face value discounts, and its fees are lower than the fees of StubHub. Both websites have an above-average supply. You can use Ticket Liquidator and TicketNetwork when you are not able to find the tickets that you want.